9 Advantages of a Brand Portal for Marketers

Are you, as a marketer, planning to publish a new brand portal where you can distribute all your brand assets properly to your target audience?

Do you need a dedicated space for your agencies and freelancers where they can easily interact and process? Are you struggling to create a common structure for all your sales teams, overseas subsidiaries, and partners so that your brand guidelines are met for each user and reduce your search and re-distribute journey? And all this should be done to safeguard your brand identity and guidelines?

Then you might need a cloud-based, ready-to-use software that enables you to set up a brand portal for multiple scenarios in minutes, all your digital assets in one centralized secure place. Thanks to the SaaS platforms, the tasks that used to take weeks and months, are now accomplished within a few hours.

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What is a brand portal and why do I need one?

Brand Portal is your digital resource center where you can keep all your digital assets in an organized manner for easy access and sharing with other users.

To quickly design, manage, and timely delivery of the digital content across platforms, marketers have to work collaboratively with other departments, partners, internal business users, and freelancers. Brand portals give them the flexibility of efficient and secure sharing of the approved content. Types of users that can be created on a brand portal are the guest users, viewers, editors, and administrators with their respective rights. The content on the portal could be logos, product photos, and other digital assets. When marketers design multiple digital assets for all types of customers, it becomes imperative to keep the assets segmented for easy access. Brand Portals help the marketers maintain brand consistency for the long run by delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Advantages of a brand portal

An organized system of digital assets is one benefit, but it is capable of much more than that.

  1. The brand portals enable custom branding that can be aligned with your brand guidelines and reflect your brand strategies: logo, color, homepage images, categorization in order to sustain brand consistency.
  2. All file formats are supported in the brand portal. You can save audio files, video files, documents, pdf, social media banner ads – you name it. All can be stored, categorized and reused. Creating and managing marketing assets following the branding guidelines is easy.
  3. Having complete control of all your brand assets gives you the authority to customize and distribute them to the relevant and designated team members.
  4. The brand portals enable marketers to decide which assets to be populated for the Portals, categorize and promote items at your fingertips.
  5. An intuitive and visual way to navigate, search, filter and view an asset as a visitor help them to interact with your brand in the most user-friendly way.
  6. Versatile and agile way of consumption and distribution of brand assets: view, download, and share re-use and re-distribute assets by downloading and sharing.
  7. Multiple language support to help you reach your customers globally and be connected with the world.
  8. Every team member having access to the portal knows which marketing asset will be used at what time and for which campaign. This information is essential to know as each asset carries specific information for a particular kind of audience.
  9. The sales team, marketing team, internal team and branches, freelancers, partners can be aligned in the portal for brand strategy and identity.


When you have a tool to take care of your time-consuming tasks, you get a window to test your creative skills, design your branding strategy, and devote time on the core tasks. When experienced professionals make an effective tool to work in your brand’s favor, you are likely to achieve the desired business results as you focus more on priority tasks. All your branding goals can be met with a good brand assets platform on time, with ease, and within your budget.

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