How Cloud DAM Will Disrupt the Market in 2018

Ekaterina Belan
April 1, 2020

This article explores key trends that will influence marketing spend in 2018 and analyzes advantages of cloud DAM solutions for streamlined content workflow.

Where will your company’s marketing dollars be spent in 2018? Almost two thirds of international marketers, surveyed in 2017 by marcomms agency Cognito, say the biggest share of their marketing investment will be in content creation and distribution next year. These findings prove last year’s research by the US-based Society of digital agencies which stated that content creation will be #2 priority on their clients’ marketing budget sheets. Thus, most B2B providers try to capitalize on this trend — and Digital Asset Management vendors are part of that crowd.

How can cloud DAM improve your content marketing?

Why look for a cloud DAM solution? And how can it leverage your content marketing efforts? While any business from financial service providers to FMCG manufacturers are content creators now, the need arises to store, manage and re-use digital assets like images and videos — with certain speed and efficiency.

  • DAM cuts your production costs. If used properly, DAM allows you to create content once and re-use or edit and re-purpose as many times as needed. If a DAM solution is used properly, you don’t waste time on searching for files or re-creating the same assets again.
  • DAM streamlines your workflow. When all your digital assets are organized in one single place, your content workflow becomes faster and collaboration and communication processes more efficient.
  • DAM improves your brand awareness. To communicate your brand offer to a large number of stakeholders such as partners, contractors, customers or end users, you may need a public brand portal with multi-level roles and types of access. Thus, you save budget on developing so-called intranets or extranets, internal databases, etc.
  • DAM guarantees you total security and scalability. Enterprise-scale DAM solutions are technically powerful and must provide high level of security for your assets, while they have to allow integrations with third parties.

Is DAM a perfect fit for my business?

There could be three major motivations and scenarios for businesses to adopt a DAM solution.

  • Branded (or even corporate) content creation. If you take content marketing seriously, you need to optimize your investments to work with all content production components as well as collaborate within internal or even remote teams efficiently.
  • Media companies or traditional print or/and digital publishers. If your business model is to sell content to end users by subscription or you are an ad-supported publisher, having a DAM system in place is your factor of survival.
  • Creative/design/marketing teams. If you’re a creative service provider, a DAM solution is absolutely required to optimize your workflow as well as communication with a client or external contractors.

Why cloud DAM solutions are the hottest trend of 2018

While all things ‘cloud’ became a buzzword 5-6 years ago, cloud DAM solutions are going to create a hype in 2018, according to the latest research by Forrester. The advantages are unbeatable:

  • Cloud or SaaS (Software as a Service) DAM systems offer fast deployment without installation => speed and ease of implementation.
  • No maintenance is needed, version updates are automatic and free of charge => cost reduction on in-house tech support.
  • No limits on storage room => low costs compared to on-premise DAM solutions.
  • Financial ease and freedom => instead of investing a considerable amount once a year, you split the payment into monthly installments and pay fees easily with a credit card online.

What makes Swivle's cloud DAM solution unbeatable?

Swivle is the only cloud DAM vendor on the market that offers the flexibility of SaaS with the credibility and security of an enterprise-scale solution. Earlier this year, Swivle was rebranded as a stand-alone cloud DAM by WoodWing, a world-renowned expert in DAM solutions since 2007.

Give us a shout if you’d like to know more about Swivle or start a free 14-day trial and see for yourself.