Meet Swivle, Our New Cloud Digital Asset Management Solution

Ekaterina Belan
April 1, 2020

If you haven’t heard, we rebranded Elvis Cloud as Swivle — a cloud Digital Asset Management Solution with unlimited storage, intuitive file management and easy collaboration.

Why Swivle?

With the increasing volume of digital assets produced by marketing teams on a regular basis, it becomes ever more challenging for content production companies to manage these efficiently. What these teams will often find is digital assets spread out between file servers, mailboxes and personal hosting services — a complete disorganized mess of digital files which could result in wasted time when searching and sharing files. This all ends with Swivle, a complete and intuitive Digital Asset Management solution for creative and marketing teams that makes organization of your digital assets a breeze.

Some of Swivle's features

Swivle also offers unlimited file storage so you can centralize all your digital files and archives in one single place. Meaning you never have to waste time on searching for files in multiple places ever again: everything is available in the cloud. And with our extensive rules and permissions you can control how your assets are shared. You can choose who has permission to do things like upload, download, view and comment on digital assets.

Added to that, our best-in-class Adobe InDesign integration eliminates all manual steps when working with InDesign files — a huge timesaver! Simply open your InDesign files directly from Swivle, and automatically save them back into the cloud from InDesign. Also part of our integration is version control — a feature that automatically creates different versions of your original file so you can roll back to the version you liked the most — any time you want.

Want to know more about Swivle’s features? Please check out our Help Center or take a quick tour of Swivle in the video below:

Swivle is an upgraded and rebranded version of Elvis Cloud, WoodWing's previous Digital Asset Management cloud solution. It is designed with the needs of smaller marketing teams in mind, so all the assets can be easily organized in the cloud. If you are looking for an enterprise on-premise Digital Asset Management solution, learn more about Elvis DAM.

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