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Smartimage, a DAM Lite cloud service by Widen, will be ending May 25th, 2018. The news was publicly posted on their blog in early March. There was no clear explanation of the reasons behind this decision, however, a well-known DAM analyst and columnist Ralph Windsor shares his thoughts on this backed by some basic ROI calculations — read the article here to better understand the economics of the DAM software industry.

The current customers face the tough choice of whether to migrate to Widen’s enterprise-scale (obviously, more expensive) DAM solution, or look for a Smartimage alternative. If you are one of these unfortunate customers, the good news is that there are plenty of similar services that can help you store and share images in the cloud. Think of Bynder, Brandfolder, or Swivle — to name a few. All of them are affordable, offer a free trial, and have their pro’s and con’s. You may compare them on Capterra.

But Swivle is so much more than just a Smartimage alternative. It is a comprehensive secure and scalable workflow solution for teams that work with high volumes of images. Whether you need a public portal for all your branded assets like logos, photos or marketing collateral, or you are looking for an online tool to handle your internal file management — it can address your needs.

Why Swivle is your go-to alternative to Smartimage

Image meta tagging

Specific focus on digital image management with extensive meta tagging option and handy previews to make image search quick and efficient. Why? Because Swivle is built on the legacy of Elvis DAM, an enterprise digital asset management solution by WoodWing that serves the needs of publishing and media companies — experts in visual content.

Friendly interface

Intuitive and beautiful interface that you’ll love at first sight. You can grasp all of the options like user role management, requesting approvals, making comments, as well as searching, uploading, organizing and sharing files in seconds. Watch our onboarding 2-minute video — and you’re good to go!

Affordable pricing

Options start from €129 a month for the “Essential” bundle — only for Smartimage customers. You can choose from three bundles, see the pricing options here.

Adobe InDesign integration

First-class integration with Adobe InDesign for editing images, photos and other visual files with automated versioning on the go, in the cloud. This helps you speed up your creative operations and design workflows massively.

Public or private brand portals

You can choose your unique domain name like, apply your own styling and logo, give public or password-protected access to an unlimited number of anonymous users for no extra fee. Preview a demo portal here.

Trust and impeccable reputation

Prior to its official rebranding in August 2017, Swivle was known for over 3 years as Elvis Cloud, a more affordable and nimble version of the enterprise DAM. Customers like L'Oreal, Volac and many others manage their digital brand assets in the cloud with Swivle. Check out the full customer list with testimonials here.

How to migrate from Smartimage to Swivle

We are happy to help you with the migration process for no extra fee! We can import all of your content with metadata in a CSV format.

Still looking for a Smartimage alternative? Talk to our Product Manager about your specific requirements. Drop us a line to schedule a consultation at today.

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