Swivle: intuitive brand management software in the cloud

Manage and share your brand assets anywhere in the world using the most intuitive online brand portal for small and medium businesses.

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Who needs brand management software?

Imagine a situation. You run a creative agency and work with multiple clients. Every day, your team has to deal with dozens of different brand assets like briefs, style guides, photos or artwork — all for different clients. So using a cloud-based brand management software to organize all brand assets for each client is an absolute must-have. Extra pro's? Transparent internal brand asset management, fast and easy file search, as well as file sharing and storage in the cloud.

Or let's say, you're a brand manager looking for scalable and intuitive online software to share all of your brand and marketing assets with employees or external parties like partners, resellers, or end customers. Whether you're thinking about a password-protected intranet or a public brand portal, your perfect brand management software has to be affordable, with a well-earned reputation, as well as being easy and fast to implement.

Why you can entrust Swivle with all your brand assets

Whether you're an agency or a brand, Swivle can help you boost your brand consistency and improve collaboration with your internal and external stakeholders.

Swivle is a part of WoodWing Software, a global market leader in digital asset management software and multichannel publishing solutions. As well as having offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific, we work closely with over 80 partners in more than 100 countries.

Swivle is created by a dedicated team with the longstanding ambition to provide the best cloud-based brand management software on the market.

Branding software with extra benefits

Swivle is more than just brand management software helping you organize all of your brand assets online. It's also a perfect workflow solution for marketing, creative and sales teams to store, manage and share large and complex digital assets in the cloud.

With Swivle, you save money on internal software development and hosting services as well as file sharing platforms. Moreover, you save time on file search thanks to our comprehensive metadata tagging and intuitive visualized structure of file folders.

Get your added value with Swivle

Collaboration tool

Even if you work with a remote team, you can collaborate efficiently by having online access to the latest versions of files, which also allow you to leave a comment on them.

Easy file sharing

Choose your files, name your folder and generate a share link — no need for annoying emails or file hosting tools.

Automatic versioning

Never lose any version of your files again — we've got your back with automated file version control.

Manage your brand assets with ease

Efficient file search

Thanks to comprehensive metadata tagging option, you'll find any file or folder — no sweat!

Handy previews

Get a preview of your files — either a thumbnail or a full preview.

Tag files with the help of AI

Coming soon: AI integration to avoid manual meta tagging and speed up file search and management.