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Looking for an online portal solution to share your Brand.

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How to set up a Brand Assets Platform

Step 1

Start your free trial, upload your on-brand files and organize them in folders

Step 2

Customize your brand assets portal, upload your logo and apply your colors

Step 3

Create your own subdomain name like

Step 4

Decide whether you'd like your brand portal to be public or password-protected

Need to run more than one brand assets portal? Here you go! You can create as many independent portals within a single account as you want. Follow the detailed instruction here.

How to set up a Brand Assets Platform

Swivle’s Brand Portal is so much more than just a repository of all your corporate digital assets. It is a fully-fledged yet nimble cloud version of an enterprise Digital Asset Management solution with efficient file search, easy collaboration, and more.With Swivle, you’ll be able to easily streamline your creative workflow like organizing, editing and sharing your design files, photo collections or stock images.Let Swivle be at the heart of your creative brand ecosystem — consistent, efficient, easily accessible in the cloud, and always up-to-date. And an extra bonus — it is the most intuitive Brand Assets Management solution on the market, as our customers claim.

Your best Brand Assets Management solution

Easy file share

Share a link from Swivle and forget about other file sharing services.

Improve collaboration

Ask for approvals or make notes on your files — to speed up your workflow.

Automated versioning

Revert your files to any previous version whenever you want.

Value-added image management tool

Handy previews

Preview the thumbnails of all your files — all in the browser.

Instant search

Find your files in seconds thanks to a comprehensive metadata search.

Image Recognition

Use AI to add meta tags to your files automatically (new feature coming soon!)

"We compared many different Digital Asset Management systems and WoodWing Swivle was the most flexible solution at a very reasonable cost and easy to set up. You can start using it within a day, not within weeks like with other DAMs."

Martin Dominik Zemp,
Editorial Staff Member

"I like the visual format of this software so it's easy for the end user to find files and references when digging for information.
My team has been working on WoodWing Swivle and really enjoy the ease of uploading and tagging."

Spencer Bagley,
Marketing Project Manager

"WoodWing Swivle does everything we need and is faultless on its delivery. It increases our team’s productivity both in the office and anywhere in the world — that’s the cloud we live in now"

Nick Sugg,
Design Services Manager