How Hakkasan Group, a global hospitality company, used Swivle to streamline asset management for its teams worldwide

Results and benefits

  • Migrated all digital assets to Swivle to let Hakkasan Group efficiently manage them and gain control over the content management workflow
  • Enhanced time-to-market for PR team because of easy-to-share capabilities with content distribution.
  • Reduced execution time for Brand Management team by categorically placing the digital assets on Swivle and making them available for the respective teams.
  • Implemented 18 Content Manager Licenses for marketing purposes. Using these licenses, they were able to allow access or restrict access based on the authority of the team member, ensuring a more organized dashboard.
  • Addressed long-term strategies proactively on a company-wide level with meta data functionality.

About the customer

With establishment across Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa, Hakkasan Group is a renowned name in the hospitality industry. Hakkasan Group is recognized worldwide for its ‘Brand First’ approach in building restaurants, day and nightlife venues, residences, and resorts into global level brands in the hospitality industry. To accomplish this, they focus on customer service, design, and innovation. Hakkasan Group has been serving the industry-best services for the past 20 years.

“Swivle has helped our teams manage content in a more structured way, from the creation to distribution of our assets. Our day-to-day processes are easier with this tool.”

Pearl Veroza, Executive Director, Digital Strategy & Solutions at Hakkasan Group


Hakkasan Group's primary challenge was that a large number of their digital assets from different sources were distributed unevenly and in an uncategorized manner. The PR Team and the Brand management team had to search and find the right asset and cross-check whether the assets are going to the right team at the right time or not. As their industry dynamics demanded ample assets to be used online, it became very tedious for their teams to manage all the assets for different teams from different sources. They needed a system that is easy to learn, efficiently manages all their digital assets and reduces the time taken to share the right assets with the right team.


Swivle's robust platform assisted Hakkasan Group in their brand management and PR work by streamlining their digital asset management safely and securely. With scalable cloud storage, Hakkasan Group could now upload all assets and keep them in one place. Categorizing the assets allowed the teams to monitor the assets better which helped maintain brand consistency. Additionally, the creation of duplicate assets would no longer be a concern. The teams now could upload, edit, and optimize their digital assets on Swivle for the channel that needs to be distributed.

“Awesome to work with Swivle team. They are always there to help me and answer my questions despite time zone difference”

Pearl Veroza, Executive Director, Digital Strategy & Solutions at Hakkasan Group

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