From 1 Employee to the Top Niche Media Company in 7 Years: Spotlight Media’s Story

Results and benefits

  • Streamlined production of four printed monthly magazines to become an award-winning local media company publishing over a million issues a year.
  • Implemented several Content Manager licenses that are used mainly by the photographers and designers for the ongoing creative operations, as well as by other team members to access the archived past issues.

About the customer

Spotlight Media LLC is a niche magazine publisher in North Dakota in the United States. The company produces 4 printed titles which cover the entertainment, business, sport events and design landscape of the Fargo Moorhead local community. Spotlight Media has grown dramatically from a small media startup with just 1 employee in 2010. In seven years, they are a profitable business that serves the needs of over 500 local advertisers now. In 2017, the company won the Niche Media Award for “Top Niche Media Company.”

“Before we switched to Swivle, the organization of our more than 150,000 files was nightmarish. Now, it's easy. Swivle has streamlined processes, allows us to work remotely and efficiently and effectively organize all of our files.”

Andrew Jason, Editorial Director at Spotlight Media


Before Spotlight Media implemented Swivle, their main challenge was to organize an easy and efficient way for in-house designers and external photographers to share digital photos with each other as well as with existing clients. They also needed an online tool to archive past issues in an easily accessible way.


Spotlight Media’s design team manages photo files, enriches them with metadata, organizes photos in collections in Adobe Bridge CC — and then uploads them to Swivle. Thanks to sharelinks, they can now share a whole photo collection with their customers using a single link. Moreover, they have sped up their design workflow using requests for approval and comments on sharelinks. This while all the other stakeholders enjoy easy and fast search of the past issues in the cloud archive.

"We've used lots of different options for our storage needs and they have all been too expensive, slow, inaccessible or have a lousy user experience. I love that using Swivle we are able to access our files anywhere in the world."

Andrew Jason, Editorial Director at Spotlight Media

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