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Swivle: intuitive client portal software for simple and secure file sharing

Need a nimble solution to share files with your clients in a private or public online portal?

free 30 day trial, no credit card needed

Brand Assets Portal Swivle
Brand Assets Portal Swivle

Swivle: intuitive client portal software for simple and secure file sharing

Need a nimble solution to share files with your clients in a private or public online portal?

free 30-day trial, no credit card needed

How to use our client portal software


Step 1: Create your account, click on your profile icon, go to "Management Console," then "Portals" and create your new client portal. 


Step 2: Give your client portal your own look and feel: upload your logo and change the header and highlight colors.


Step 3: Choose your subdomain and create your unique URL like mybrand.swivle.cloud.


Step 4: Manage access to your files: make you client portal either public or password-protected.

Do you need to share files with multiple stakeholders? Easy. You can add as many client file portals within a single account as needed. Read how to do it here.

Get value beyond a client file portal software

Swivle is so much more than just a client portal for file sharing with unlimited storage in the cloud. It can be used for different purposes and scenarios:

    • for internal corporate file management to organize your business workflow efficiently;
    • as a public portal to showcase your artwork if you're a creative team or an independent professional;
    • as a brand asset management software to share branded files with the press and end consumers;
    • as an intuitive digital image library for a publishing or content production company — you name it.

But whatever your specific business need is, Swivle is the best tool to make your digital assets consistent, easily accessible in the cloud, and always up-to-date.

And a couple of impressive extra benefits: it's affordable, scalable, offers unlimited storage, top security as well as a lightning-fast upload speed.

Swivle Digital Asset Management Solution Interface Files 2

File sharing made easy: give your clients some love

Files at your fingertips

Send share links directly from Swivle and save the time you'd waste by having to send emails and/or use external drives.

Collaborate like a superhero

Streamline your workflow: always know which files are stored where

Automated versioning

If you edit a file in Swivle, you can always roll back your current version to a previous one.

Manage client files like a pro

Preview images

Get an overview of your files in Swivle — see the thumbnails. 

Lightning speed of file search

Find files instantly thanks to meta tagging.

Hello, AI

Integrate Swivle with AI solutions to tag your visual files automatically.



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What our users say about us

"We compared many different Digital Asset Management systems and Swivle was the most flexible solution at a very reasonable cost and easy to set up. You can start using it within a day, not within weeks like with other DAMs."

Martin Dominik Zemp, Editorial Staff Member - Entlebucher Anzeiger

"We use Swivle to archive all our digital files in the cloud. And we don't have to worry about backups."

Stefan Donné, Digital Retoucher - TwentyTen

"We've used lots of different options for our storage needs and they have all been too expensive, slow, inaccessible or lousy user experience. Before we switched to Swivle, the organization of our more than 150,000 files was nightmarish. Now, it's easy."

Andrew Jason, Editorial Director - Spotlight Media

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"Before we introduced Swivle, we used Google Drive but it turned out to have loads of visibility and access control issues, and was too costly to manage. Swivle solved most of those issues."

Sushant Ajnikar, Creative Head - Curefit

"I have evaluated 4-5 different DAM solutions but Swivle is by far the most complete one. Low starting cost and easy to add on users and features as you go makes it perfect for an evolving business. The Brand Portal, ability to send upload requests and tag images is great."

Fredrik Nelson, Chief Information Officer - Stenströms

"Does everything I need and is faultless in its delivery. Increases my productivity both in the office and anywhere I am in the world."

Nick Sugg, Design Services Manager – Volac International Ltd

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"I like the visual format of this software so it's easy for the end user to find files and references when digging for information. My team has been working on Swivle and really enjoy the ease of uploading and tagging."

Spencer Bagley, Marketing Project Manager - Unicity