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Want to share content with your

Then get started with a Portal from Swivle. The easiest way to give the right people access, to the right content.

Start within minutes, no credit card needed


Want to share content with your

Then get started with a Portal from Swivle. The easiest way to give the right people access to the right content.

start within minutes, no credit card needed

What is a Portal?

With a Portal in Swivle you can easily give groups of people access to your final and approved content. By creating an intuitive and branded self-service environment, your audience can easily search, browse, share and download your content.

For each Portal you can choose:

  • unique branding
  • unique content
  • unique subdomain
  • public or password-protected access

Portals are great for:

  • Creating an internal content hub where all your colleagues can find the latest material
  • Setting up separate Portals for all your clients: with only their content and their own branding applied
  • Giving your sales team access to all final and approved sales collateral
  • Sharing marketing and product material with your partners or resellers

How to set up a Portal


Step 1: start your free trial, upload your content


Step 2: Customize your Portal by uploading your logo and applying your colors


Step 3: Choose your own subdomain like 


Step 4: Make your Portal publicly available or set a password-protection

Want more Portals? No problem. With Swivle you can create multiple Portals, each with unique content, unique branding and a unique subdomain. Follow the detailed instructions here.

What are the benefits of a good Content Portal?



No more daily and repetitive requests from your colleagues or clients for the right material. They should all have instant access to a online Portal where they can search, browse and download material in an intuitive interface.


One central place for your content

Create a 'single source of truth' for your content. Eliminate the need to search in servers, desktops, mailboxes from you and your colleagues.


Fast and easy search

Your audience can not only browse your content, but should also be able to find the right material with an intuitive search. By adding tags and other relevant metadata you will make sure that your team or clients can always find the right material within seconds.


Always use the latest version

How frustrating is it if outdated material keeps getting used? A good Content Portal solution should make this impossible with proper version management, which makes sure that your Portal visitors only have access to the latest version.


Share with ease

The visitors of your Portal should be able to easily share your content with additional people as well. In Swivle they can do this with 1 click by creating a public Sharelink!


Home of your brand

Your marketing and product material is beautiful, and it deserves to be housed in an equally beautiful place. A Swivle Portal always looks good, but especially when you add your own logo, branding images and colors. 


Control permissions

Sharing is great, but not all content should be accessible by everyone. By creating multiple Portals you can specify which groups of people have access to which content. And you can choose between a public or a password-protected Portal!


Instant access anytime, anywhere

Your content should be easily accessible for everyone, all the time and from anywhere. No more connecting to a company server through slow or unreliable VPN's, a good implementation will allow your team to never struggle with access again.

Brand Assets Portal Swivle

Share and build your brand

Home of your brand

Your beautiful content deserves to be housed in an equally beautiful place. Swivle can be fully branded to fit your branding or the branding of your client.

Create multiple portals for each brand or each team

With Swivle you can easily create multiple portals, each with unique content, unique content and a unique subdomain.

Public or password-protected access

Create a password-protected environment for your internal files and a public portal for your public brand assets.

A intuitive and visual overview of your content

Visual overview

With Swivle you will always have an instant visual overview of all your content: we have thumbnails and full in-browser preview for all your marketing and sales content.

Search made easy

Find the right files within seconds with Swivle’s powerful variety of sorting options and search filters.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

No more content requests to resize an image. With our Custom Downloads and Download Presets, your Portal visitors can instantly download the right variant of a file. 

Swivle Digital Asset Management Solution Interface 1

Frequently asked questions

How many people can access my Portal?

This depends on your Swivle license. Our plans all include a different amount of monthly active users:

  • Essential plan: 1 Portal with a total of 100 monthly active users
  • Team plan: 5 Portals with a total of 100 monthly active users
  • Essential plan: unlimited Portals with unlimited monthly active users
Do I create or assign specific users for every Portal?

Our Portals don't use specific users, so no one is logging in with a username and password combination. Instead, the access is either public (everyone who accesses the link can see the content) or password-protected (there is a login page with a general password).

What happens if I exceed the maximum of monthly visitors on my Portal?

Don't worry! Everyone will still be able to access your content. We will monitor this and in case of over usage we will reach out to discuss this with you. 

How do I configure my own Portal?

You can view the detailed instructions on our Help Center


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