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What is Digital Media Library software and who needs it?

Media library software is a digital asset management system that helps companies to organize and share rich media files publicly with external parties online. Your media asset library can be either made available to a wider public, or, alternatively, be fully or partially password-protected.

This may come in handy if you need to differentiate files for internal or external use, or create collections for different groups of external users. For instance, you can share learning materials with students of different courses, or, if you’re an agency, create separate password-protected media asset libraries for every client.

Benefits of Digital Media Library software

If your organization deals with a large number of rich media files, such as images, video and audio files, presentations, briefings, sales and marketing collateral, you inevitably face the problem of organizing them properly, preferably on an external and affordable cloud-based hosting platform.

But you also need to search for files quickly, as well as manage user permissions, edit and control versions and share files easily via links. Yet you also need your media library to look like your own company’s website, not some external platform...

Swivle Digital Media Library software addresses all of those needs!

Why Swivle?

100% in the cloud

Swivle’s media library solution is web-based. It’s in the cloud and available online from anywhere in the world. Tech-savvy people call it SaaS (Software As A Service).


Swivle adds metadata to your assets to improve file search capabilities. Basically, this is information about your file, such as date, name and file type. More importantly, you can add custom metadata such as keywords.

User permissions

Swivle’s media library system allows you to manage user permissions and restrict access to media portals by setting a password. It means you can define who is able to upload, view, edit or just download files.

Extra bonuses

Fully branded

Using Swivle, you can customize the look and feel of your media library by applying your company’s logo and colors, so your external users will experience your fully branded media library, not ours.

Easy upload and sharing

Swivle allows you to upload files one by one or in batches, and share files in seconds via share links.


Swivle’s media library software offers unlimited storage and infinite scalability. It means you can manage as many assets and have as many users as you need. Moreover, you can integrate Swivle with your favorite applications using our Swivle API.