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How Swivle Shaped Content Marketing for Pierre Fabre, A Leader in Dermo-Cosmetics

Results and benefits

  • Streamlined workflow that facilitates content sharing with colleagues, clients, journalists and bloggers, on a Nordic level
  • A professional and secure platform that enables Brand Identity to be maintained
  • Time-effective management of digital assets – everything in one place

About Pierre Fabre

Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique houses several of the biggest global brands in Dermo-cosmetics.

Laboratoires Pierre Fabre is the second largest pharmaceutical company in France, and the second largest dermo-cosmetic laboratory in the world. It employs more than 13.000 people, and the brands are represented in more than130 countries worldwide.

Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique (PFDC) Nordics is the Scandinavian subsidiary, and one of the few that is responsible for several markets. With a Nordic headquarter based in Copenhagen, Denmark, it markets the PFDC brands across pharmacies and e-retail in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

PFDC Nordics was established in Copenhagen in 2016, and following a strong growth, they opened offices in Norway and Finland in 2017 and 2018.

"Swivle was the best option for us as it met all of our needs, in an easy, intuitive and effective way"

Stefan Loges, Nordic Digital Marketing Manager at Pierre Fabre



PFDC needed a way to take advantage of all the content that was produced in the Nordic HQ, and make this accessible in the emerging markets, that did not yet have the same economic or human resources.

They wished to make the entire process, of sharing content between markets, more effective, and aside from Nordic colleagues alone, also allow external stakeholders an easy access to inspirational and promotional materials.

As the Nordic HQ in Copenhagen was more established, they were faced with the task of finding a more effective work process. The realization that they could utilize their marketing content for more than one country, instead of creating new content from scratch for each country, came a while back, but the process was neither streamlined nor effective.

They had traditionally used a shared drive between colleagues, but did not have a way to share these materials with their external stakeholders. The shared drive did not allow anyone outside of the company to access the marketing materials they wanted to share. Instead, they had to send the materials via email on an ad hoc basis.

The Digital Marketing Department found that they were wasting far too much time sending emails and their clients wanted better access to their promotional materials.

Their content was beautiful, but they needed an easier and more efficient way to share it with pharmacies and other external stakeholders. They needed a cloud-based and secure platform that was easy to work with for the team, and intuitive to use for the customers – with respect for the unique Brand Identities in the PFDC portfolio.

"I very quickly came to the realization that this was the best solution for us and makes it possible for us to do what we wanted."

Stefan Loges, Nordic Digital Marketing Manager at Pierre Fabre



Immediately after implementation, PFDC Nordics was able to improve their work process and procedures to a simpler, more streamlined workflow. Swivle enabled them to innovate a more rigorous process to create better content and share it across all three markets. They created both generic and chain-specific content and could securely share it in an attractive manner with their clients.

PFDC Nordic is in the midst of expansive growth and has little room for error in implementing new technology. They were pleasantly surprised at how intuitive Swivle’s platform is and were swift to adapt to the changes. Across PDFC Nordic, they were able to quickly learn and work on Swivle and had little lag time, which I always a risk when switching to new platforms.

PFDC also found that their clients were very impressed with the professional look of Swivle. They can now share all the material they need with colleagues and clients, without wasting time in the process. They have an attractive option for sharing their beautiful promotional material.

"We needed a platform that was modern, intuitive and easy to work with."

Stefan Loges, Nordic Digital Marketing Manager at Pierre Fabre


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